Your Life Marked by Your Dogs

“The emotional calendar of my life is the names of my dogs – Daisy, the Springer Spaniel of my childhood; Gretel, the Boxer of my boyhood; Molly, the English Pointer of my college years; and the long string of bird dogs: Jesse, Patrick, Pepper, Babe, KD. Sadie and Reba that have gotten me to age fifty. I’d be happy to have my biography be the stories of my dogs. To me, to live without dogs would mean accepting a form of blindness.” – Acclaimed American writer, Thomas McGuane.

A piece of music or a certain smell can rocket us back to a time and place in our lives, but we like McGuane’s view that the names of the dogs we’ve had over time can do the same thing. Any pet can do this, of course, but naturally it’s McGuane’s penchant for purebred dogs that we like. When you map your life via your dogs, how does it look?

German Shorthaired Pointer by Pamela Brummett Holliday

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