Meet the Why a Ramer

Not long ago, Google released its list of most searched words by state in 2019 by people who wanted to know how to spell them.


There are a number of dog breeds that are so commonly misspelled, that Güd, an on-line dog food brand launched a campaign titled ‘Rescue Dogz’ to take advantage of the common misspelling of pure-breed dogs names while searching in Google. Certainly among them were Chiwawa, Shitzu, Miniature Dotsons, Shnauzer, Burmese Mountain Dog, Scotish Terry, Rot Weiler, Akeeta, Why a Ramer, and others.  One can only image the endless ways that, say,  Xoloitzcuintle has been misspelled.

Share with us the most creative ways you’ve heard your breed’s name butchered?

Image: You can purchase the print, ” Wine-maraner” by Will Bullas here. It’s available in various print media as well as a pillow. 

3 thoughts on “Meet the Why a Ramer”

  1. We have petit basset Griffon vendeen, or PBGVs. No one seems to remember the order of the letters or what they mean. So PB&J Is common. Plus people will ask if they are a terrier mix…. grrr.

    • Kimberlie, these are hilarious, but your dog is beautiful!

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