The National Dog of Slovakia

You have to admire a dog who knows what it wants. In spite of a well-honed hunting instinct, the Black Forest Hound will hunt only wild boar. Not deer, not hare, but boar – the other white meat. Selective breeding for being a “wild boar specialist” has produced a breed keenly admired by hunters for its tenacity, agility, super sensitive scenting prowess, and interestingly, a fabulous sense of direction. These days, the hound is also used on other game.

In its native country, the breed is called the Slovensky Kopov (Slovak Hound), the name, “Black Forest Hound,” being a misnomer since the breed wasn’t developed anywhere near the Black Forest. It’s been suggested that the latter was created to market and popularize the breed in North America, though we’re skeptical of the success of that strategy since the breed is somewhat hard to come by.

First recognized as a breed in the late 19th century, it’s probable that the Black Forest Hound was the result of crosses between the Chart Polski, Brandlbracke and Magyar Agar. As the only dog breed native to Slovakia, it’s no surprise that it’s also the National Dog of Slovakia. 

Black Forest Hounds are devoted and loyal, and gently affectionate with children. Some have described these dogs as dominant with other dogs and smaller pets, but that they’re also highly adaptable.

Canadian Kennel Club, Continental Kennel Club, Fédération Cynologique Internationale and the United Kennel Club are among the registries that recognize the Black Forest Hound.

Image found on Pinterest via Royal Canin of Canada


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    • We’re not really in the puppy finding business, Deborah, let alone an uncommon breed, but we have a couple of ideas. The first is for you to go to the United Kennel Club’s site to this page – – and try your luck there. Neither we, nor the UKC endorses any of the breeders you might find there. The other idea is that we know of someone who looks for puppies on behalf of interested parties – for a fee, of course. If you’d like us to give your contact information to them, let us know. Good luck with this, this is a stunning breed!

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