Not Just a Pretty Face #12

Our series called, “Not Just Another Pretty Face” has been introducing you to dogs who aren’t just beautiful examples of their breed, but are dogs whose achievements underscore their ability to do the job for which their breed was created, and often times, beyond it.
Meet UWP U-GRCH Kilcavan Captain Flint CGC CM2, or “Rolo” to his friends. Rolo, owned by Ashley Hammock, is a Hamiltonstovare, a versatile Swedish scent hound, the operative word being “versatile.”
Rolo easily earned his AKC Certificate of Merit (CM), the conformation title given to AKC FSS and Miscellaneous breeds in lieu of the “champion” title they will earn with full AKC recognition of the breed. He was the first Hamiltonstovare to earn the AKC CM title as well as a CM2 title, and became the first Hamiltonstovare to earn the United Kennel Club’s Grand Champion title. Under UKC rules, Rolo had to win the champion class five times when the champion class had more than three other Hamiltonstovare entered.
Hamiltonstovare,Not Just a Pretty Face,Meet the Breeds,weight pull,therapy dog,service dog
In 2016, Rolo made breed history by winning the United Kennel Club’s Total Dog Reserve Best in Show at UKC Premier. The UKC’s “Total Dog” award is given only to a sound, well-bred, well-adjusted dog that can easily transition from the show ring to a performance event, and Rolo did it multiple times. This means he earned qualifying scores at a performance event and at a conformation show on the same day.
Now largely retired from the conformation ring, Rolo is not sitting around. He became the first Hamiltonstovare to earn a weight pull title and he’s halfway to his UWPCH title.  His personal best for weight pull is 1600 pounds in under 6 seconds!
Hamiltonstovare,Not Just a Pretty Face,Meet the Breeds,weight pull,therapy dog,service dog
Not forgetting his breed’s heritage, Rolo has done simulated hunts which came in handy when he helped with a predator control situation. An egret, a protected species, had been killed on a family farm, and Rolo helped find the bird that enabled authorities identify what killed it. The photo at the top of Rolo next to a lake was taken the day he tracked the bird that has became the symbol of the National Audubon Society.
Beyond those accomplishments, Rolo is his owner’s service dog. He is trained in mobility aide work, deep pressure therapy, Hamiltonstovare,Not Just a Pretty Face,Meet the Breeds,weight pull,therapy dog,service doganxiety cue alerts, and body blocking so that Ashley doesn’t get startled from behind. He’s also the first male Hamiltonstovare to have earned the CGC designation.
In his vast spare time, Rolo is breed ambassador at AKC Meet the Breeds events which is where we first met him and Ashley. For as impressive as his accomplishments are, and as handsome a dog as he is, Ashley affectionately says that Rolo is a “goober,” and the smirk on his face in the photo at the right hints at his “gooberness.”
To meet the other dogs in this series, enter the words, “Not Just Another Pretty Face,” in the “search option” at the top of the page.  If you have a dog who is titled at both ends of his or her name, and s/he fits our “Not Just a Pretty Face” series, we want to hear from you. Send us a note along with your dog’s story and photos, and be sure to include your dog’s breed and who gets photo credit.

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  1. My Portuguese water dog bitch Jett, CH Tailspin One More Big Time Rock and Roll Star, BN RN CGC TKN CD-C, SN-C, MAC-1, earned her first Rally Novice leg and came in first in her class in breed at our National. She also came in second for her first BN leg, and was RWB on the same day at a different show. Jett earned her RN CGC, SN-C, and was certified as a therapy dog while competing in the breed ring. My PWD boy is also titled on both ends, though he started his performance and therapy career after he was done with conformation.

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