Not Your Mom’s Ceramics

The ceramics created by Ostinelli & Priest in the United Kingdom won’t fall into the “cute” category, which is why we think they’re so special. Unique and infused with character, each piece has a presence, one reason their ceramics have become so collectable. Ostinelli & Priest,hounds,ceramics,art,dogs,The pieces have been exported to New Zealand, France, Denmark, Brazil, Italy, and South Africa, and were short listed for The David Sherpherd Wild Life Artist of The Year Award.  Ostinelli & Priest’s gallery doesn’t include many breeds, but they take commissions.  You can see their current portfolio here, and contact them here.  If you’re remotely interested in their work in time for the holidays, don’t wait

2 thoughts on “Not Your Mom’s Ceramics”

  1. How do I find the various breeds represented on your website. It sounds as though your focus is on rare breeds, but I see no index, or organizational pattern.
    I have owned and own two such breeds – Irish Water Spaniels, and a Boykin Spaniel…??

    • Michael, there is no index, but if you do a search on a particular breed or topic, the site will bring up posts that have been written about the breed or topic. We are always updating the site since it is less than a year old, but we’ve been writing posts on Facebook since 2014, and have about 8,000 posts to go before we’re caught up. We have, as a point of reference, featured both the terrific breeds you own as Purebred of Interest features…..What breed are you looking for?

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