Oberon, the Telepathic Wolfhound

Summer is coming, and for many of us, this means compiling a reading list for the pool, beach, or hammock.

Irish Wolfhound owners with a penchant for fantasy reading might enjoy the nine novels that make up the Iron Druid Chronicles written by Kevin Hearne.  The series begins with Hounded published in 2011, and centers around Atticus O’Sullivan, the last of the Druids. He and his Irish wolfhound, “Oberon,” live a quiet life in Arizona running a bookshop focused on the occult. Oh, and in his spare time,  Atticus shape-shifts to hunt with Oberon who can communicate with Atticus telepathically. Some wolfhound owners might opine that there’s nothing fantastical about their dog communicating with them telepathically. Just saying.

If you like Hounded, you’ll enjoy the rest of the series that blends elements of mythology and urban fantasy.

4 thoughts on “Oberon, the Telepathic Wolfhound”

  1. He is not Telepathic, or you should have written it as, the “Telepathic” wolfhound.
    I`m wondering if you read the books?

    • Nope, Erl, not read the books, but many sources indicate that Oberon communicates telepathically with Atticus & Granuaile, including reviews on Amazon, booksmoviesreviewsohmy.com, Goodreads, TVtropes, and many more. Thanks for writing to point out the importance of quotation marks.

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