One of Only 5 Indigenous American Breeds

To our way of thinking, the American Water Spaniel doesn’t get nearly enough notice given the tremendous dog that comes in a great package. AWSs are friendly, versatile, and love human companionship. They can be vocal, but as with all breeds, a tired dog with a job is a good (and happy) dog. AWSs are great at agility and flyball, and in the field, they are a “no frills” worker in both land and water for a variety of game while being compact enough to be transported in a small rowboat and able to stand the native cold water temperatures.

The American Water Spaniel is said to be one of only five dog breeds indigenous to the United States and the only one native to Wisconsin. Because of this (and the fact that it’s a breed worthy of native pride), the eighth grade students of Lyle Brumm at Washington Junior High School in New London, Wisconsin worked successfully to have the American Water Spaniel was named Wisconsin’s official state dog with Wisconsin Act 295.

American Water Spaniel by Barbara Keith

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