Puppies in Commercials: Yes, Yes, and Yes

Savvy ad agencies put a dog in a commercial.

Really savvy ad agencies make the commercial funny.

Uber savvy ad agencies make funny commercials using puppies!  

Whatever we feed our dogs, #Purina gets a salute for this one, and for showing that men don’t always want a “man-dog,” but can gravitate to a Cavalier King Charles (and why not?) Better yet, it’s the first in a series of this relationship, and we’ll be sharing those commercials over the coming days. Cleverly, “Puppyhood” was an integrated advertising campaign that included a Buzzfeed video and a content-rich website.


4 thoughts on “Puppies in Commercials: Yes, Yes, and Yes”

  1. This is “ambassador” Lady Stone. A elected official of a small Kentucky town named Rabbit Hash.

    Ambassador Lady has worked hard to promote tourism of her town and also all throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

    She is currently working with local non profits to raise money for dog related charities.


  2. It’s a great story, Rob, thanks for bringing it to our attention! Now we’ll have to visit and get a “photo op” with these canine dignitaries!

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