Purebred Dog Owning Chocolate Lovers! A Pug Picks a Bulldog!

Cadbury chocolate.

There, we said it.

And now we’re 8 pounds heavier.

Chocoholics have their own personal favorite brand of chocolate, and as card carrying members of that select group, we have to share that the best chocolate we ever had was a Cadbury Milk Chocolate Bar bought at a gas station outside of Heathrow Airport.  Shoulder shrug. Delicious is where you find it.

But it gave us the warm and fuzzies back in March to learn that Cadbury ditched this mascot……

…in favor of this guy:

The 18-month-old English Bulldog comes from Wilmington, N.C. where he lives with his owners, Kathie and Tim Santillo. According to his Instagram, Henri also is an aspiring model and actor who loves playing with balls, sleeping, and dressing up in costumes. That Instagram star, Doug the Pug, served as an honorary judge to pick the new star hints in no way of purebred dog favoritism, but Henri’s win over 4,000 pets marks the first switch-up for the company in 35 years.

Herni (and his family) received $5,000 for his achievement, but Cadbury also donated $10,000 to the ASPCA in honor of the competition. Sigh.

As a public service to fellow chocolate lovers watching their waistline, know this:

There are no calories in chocolate if no one sees you eating it;

Also, calories normally had from ingesting chocolate fly out the window when eating it in a vehicle at speeds over 70 mph.

And finally, two words: Diet Coke. Eat chocolate with Diet Coke, and voila, no calories.

Would we lie?


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