“Purin” Beats Her Own Guinness World Record

Recently, “Purin,” the super Beagle from Japan, was challenged break her own Guinness World Record for the “Fastest 10m Traveled on a Ball by a Dog.”  Piece of cake. “Purin” (whose name means “pudding” in Japanese) cut almost one full second off her previous record with a time of 9.45 seconds.

“Purin” is no stranger to world fame. In 2015, she got world wide notice for her goalkeeping skills when she achieved the record for the most balls caught by a dog with paws in one minute.  She can also skateboard, walk on two legs and skip with a rope (with the help of her owner, Makoto Kumagai).  “Purin” has her own You Tube ChannelFacebook page, and Instagram account.

You can see “Purin” set her first record for traveling on a ball below:

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