“Rolling” Boston Terriers

Number Two on the list of 10 Things Only a Boston Terrier Owner Would Understand is “A typical Boston day: Curiosity. Excitement. SPAZ. Crash.”

If “spaz” is a euphemism for a loss of physical dexterity, we’re not sure we agree with the description, and to prove it is Dexter, a Boston Terrier owned by Philippe Sain. Dexter not only mastered the skateboard, but does “Dexboarding,” or impressive maneuvers, a couple of which that will make you laugh out loud:


Dogboarding : Dexter’s Revenge from AlienArtAgency on Vimeo

Dexter is not a “one off.” Meet Mia, and see what she does on stairs:

And then there are Neo (born in France), and Tuxedo born in the USA. Since they were puppies, both were clicker trained.

How many people got their first impression of the breed from these wonderful dogs?

Image: Boston Terrier II by Dean Russo

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