Saved, In Part, By a Vet

Sometimes we think our posts are too long, so we’ll make this one short and sweet.

The Slovensky Cuvac (pronounced chew-votch) has also been known as the Slovakian Chuvach or Tatra Chuvach. This is a very old breed used as an LGD* and companion to shepherds for centuries, and if there’s any doubt on that, in the Serbo-Croatian language, čuvati means guarding, and the Slovak word, cuvat, means to hear.)

In what is an all too familiar refrain on these pages, the breed nearly met its extinction after WWII, but it wasn’t just fanciers that saved the day for the Cuvac, it was also the School of Veterinary Medicine in Brno, Czech Republic. More specifically, it was a veterinarian at the school, Professor Antonin Hruza, and it was he who founded the Stud Book of the Cuvac in Czechoslovakia in 1929 using basic material that stemmed from the area of the places Liptovska Lužná, Kokava, Východná v. Tatrách, and the Carpathian neighborhood of Rachovo.

Exact records, as well as competitions, exhibitions, evaluations and dog shows have been held by the club for the Cuvac headquartered in Bratislava since that time

Image: Slovakian Chuvach © Zuzana Tillerová/

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