Sitting High and Mighty

We pulled a few lines about the Tibetan Spaniel from different sources on the Internet:

  • The Tibbie likes to sit up high observing their territory, so you may find them resting on a window sill or table trying to get a look outside;
  • Tibetan Spaniels like climbing to high perches, such as the backs of chairs and couches, where they can survey the room;
  • Tibbies like to get up on tops of couches and other areas with a little height to perch, giving them a full view of what’s going on around them;
  • The breed enjoys sitting in high places, watching the world below;
  • The final statement we share comes close to explaining why: Tibetan Spaniels like to sit in high places because their ancestors used to keep watch from the tops of high walls.

Notice a theme?

Is there such a thing as genetic memory?

Historically, Tibetan Spaniels sat atop the monastery walls of Buddhist temples in a country where the average altitude is 14,750 ft. Already living in the “Roof of The World,” Tibbies kept watch on all that transpired below and sounded the alarm at the arrival of strangers or a breach in “the force.” The habit of sitting in high places and surveying the world from their perch remains to this day, whether that perch is the back of a couch, a deck, or the highest point they can find on flat land.

If you have a “height-loving” Tibbie in your life, share your photos!

Image: Tibetan Spaniel by Andreas Don Duering from Adobe Stock Photo

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