That Delicate but Strong Head

One of the two most commonly recognized head shapes in dogs is the ‘wedge shaped’ head (the other being a ‘cone’ shaped head), and a fine example of this is found in the Sloughi for whom the head is one of the breed’s most unique and identifying characteristics.

Its long and elegant head set at the end of a long, prominent neck (important for the dog to be able to reach out and grab its prey) tapers from a broad skull at the back to long and refined strong jaws at the front. Indeed, the breed standard alludes to it offering the breed its air of a deep and sturdy character even as it offers contradictory terms: Refined, delicate but rather strong.

As compared to other sighthounds, some feel that the Sloughi’s head is deeper and sturdier (particularly in males). The AKC breed standard pays a good deal of attention to this part of the breed, and the FCI breed standard goes as far as offering proportions: The ratio between length of foreface and total length of head should be 0, 5 (1 : 2) .

Heads are important to a sighthound. A long slender head gives them stereoscopic vision for a full range of sight to detect movement, and as no part of the head interferes with their vision, they can focus on their prey.

Interestingly, we’ve been told that while a few Sloughis are okay with getting an occasional pat on the head, most prefer not to be touched excessively and even recoil from it.  This is not uncommon among many dogs who inherently dislike something reaching down from above toward them.

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