The Cat-Like Dogs of the Orient

The Japanese Chin is not a delicate breed, but s/he is dainty, and interestingly, the word, “chin” in the breed’s name means cat-like, this according to the Kennel Club’s Illustrated Breed Standards.  Some consider the breed’s attitude one of the most catlike of the dog breeds, but when some owners report that their dogs use their paws to wash and wipe their face, others mention that their Chins can walk across a table without disturbing a thing on it, some owners say their Chins sometimes climb up on things or like to rest on high surfaces,  or snort or sneeze the way cats do, and the moniker makes sense.

What isn’t cat-like is something called the “Chin Spin:” Take a look:

Image:”Garden Chin” by Kathleen Sepulveda is available as art, lifestyle and personal care items here

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