The CAT Title

No, the CAT title isn’t given to the dog most able to irritate a feline. It’s one of the newer events introduced by the AKC last year that didn’t seem get a lot of notice at the time, but it’s a fun event worth mentioning.

The Fast CAT Test is a timed 100 yard dash for dogs. The dogs run one at a time over a straight course, their times converted into miles per hour and used as part of a handicap system (based on the height of the dog at the withers) to assign points earned which are used to determine titles and standings. Titles are awarded when a dog has accumulated a given number of points.  CAT, or the Coursing Ability Test,  is open to all dogs who are at least 12 months old and who are individually registered/listed with the AKC. Details can be found here.

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