The Darlene Arden “Dog Etiquette” Photo Challenge – Photo Contest 2018

National Purebred Dog Day honors the memory of Darlene Arden who was taken from us far too young in 2017. A certified animal behavior consultant, radio and TV host, and award winning author of many books and thousands of newspaper and magazine stories, Darlene was a friend to all animals and their people, but was a particularly enthusiastic supporter of purebred dogs and cats, and of National Purebred Dog Day. Her good nature and wicked sense of humor remain sorely missed by everyone who knew her.

One of Darlene’s most popular books was, “Rover, Get off Her Leg!: Pet Etiquette…”, and it is because of this book that this photo challenge is named, “Pet Etiquette.” Photographers, your entry should illustrate a dog’s good manners (or the profound need to learn some), and the winning photo will be the one that makes our judges laugh or nod in understanding, but in a clever, creative way. Don’t just show us a dog that can sit nicely or shake hands, dazzle us with inventive interpretation!
Danburg Properties of Boca Raton are the generous sponsors of this challenge and have donated a $500 cash gift card prize in Darlene’s memory.
Failure to read the following small print is done at your peril:
  • This contest is open to residents of the United States only;
  • No photoshopping! Our judges, David Frei, and Westminster Kennel Club photographer, Jack Grassa, must see what you actually shoot with your camera;
  • One photo submission per person per contest challenge;
  • The submitted photo must be taken for this contest. Old photographs won’t be considered;
  • Your photo must include a purebred dog;
  • Your sign must also include one of the following:
The “I ❤️Purebred Dogs” sign
The “Happy National Purebred D❤️g Day sign
The “I ❤️My Purebred Dog” sign
  • You can download and print these signs from the files linked below, or you can make your own sign. You may also substitute the sign with an official NPDD t-shirt, tote bag, hat or bumper sticker, all of which are available here.
  • Do not photoshop the “I Purebred Dogs, “Happy National Purebred Dg Day” or “I My Purebred Dog” on top of your image. The signs or NPDD gear must be part of the photo shoot;
  • Many people may help you take your picture, but the prize goes to the person submitting the winning photograph. Judges decisions are final;
  • A photo submission implies consent that it may be shared on NPDD’s various social media platforms, and by Danburg Properties of Boca Raton for promotional use;
  • When submitting your photo on Facebook, you must indicate the name of the photo challenge you are entering, which in this case is the Pet EtiquettePhoto Challenge;
  • This contest happens on May 1. A full explanation of when, where, and how to submit your picture can be read here;
  • Download the “I Purebred Dogs” sign here;
  • Download the “Happy National Purebred Dg Day” here;
  • Download the “I My Purebred Dog” sign here;
  • Most importantly, be sure that you and your dog model have fun!

Photo Contest 2018

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