The Dog Breed that “Twiggles”

According to the excellent book, “Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology,” a “twiggle” is something some Bearded Collies are known to do when a person gets close and personal with them. It’s an action caused by the tail wagging the body up to and beyond the dog’s shoulders. True, Beardie owners?

Image by B.J.Lewis-Writedesign

7 thoughts on “The Dog Breed that “Twiggles””

  1. So very true. Have a girl who twiggles when I get home at night and sulks like a toddler tantrum when I leave for work!

    • What a cute description of your “twiggler,” Selina! Some day, perhaps you’ll share video of her in action?

  2. Our two boys a working type beardies and yes they both “twiggle” profusely when they are in their greeting mode. That is when either my partner or myself have to go out the “twigglers” do their stuff everytime we return. Will have to provide a video next time

    • Ah yes, the famous Beardie Bounce! Such a wonderfully exuberant breed, Milton!

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