The Dogo Sardo

Among the many rare breeds we share with you is the Dogo Sardo (also known as the Dogo Sardesco), a relatively unknown breed outside of Sardinia, Italy. You might guess from the picture that this is a typical lightweight molosser.

While its history is fuzzy, the breed was mentioned as early as 1.800 – 1.100 B.C. through archeological findings that perfectly portrayed the dogs. It’s speculated that the Dogo Sardesco has been with the Sardinian people for over 3000 years, about 800 years before Sardinia was invaded by the Romans. It’s kept primarily as a property and livestock guardian dog, though it has also served as a hunting dog in the past.  Happily, the Dogo is getting more popular on mainland Italy. We’ll have more on this breed in the coming weeks.

Image found on Pinterest and happily credited upon receipt of information.


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