The Harrier Registry – Not Who You Think

In the Harrier’s country of origin, the UK,  the registering body of the breed is not The Kennel Club, but the AMHB, or Association of Masters of Harriers & Beagles. The AMHB does not register puppies or litters, and hounds are entered into the stud books only after they have successfully completed one full year of hunting with their pack.

What’s the measure of success?

It’s a hound that hunts with his/her pack (or, in grade school terms, a dog who works and plays well with others). It’s a dog that is biddable, and responds well to the huntsman. The dogs aren’t expected to be expert hunters after only their first year, but they have to show some promise and not do things that are at odds with the culture: (babbling, running mute, or not making an effort to hunt).

Harriers typically have to hunt several years before they’re bred. This gives a dog time to mature into a contributing member of the pack, and time for the breeders to decide whether or not to pass along a dog’s bloodline & traits to the next generation.

“Lord Bulkeley And His Harriers,” a photograph by Francis Sartorius. This print is available for purchase here.



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