The Negotiating Chessie

The same traits that some people would find challenging in a dog are the same traits that make the owners of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers love and admire their breed. Chessies are tough and tenacious dogs. How tough? A Chessie will break through ice to get to a fallen bird. Most of us would find this to be an unforgiving condition in which to send a dog, and when we asked one Chessie owning acquaintance if they ever had any misgivings about it, he replied, “Try to keep them out.” We came across the video below and noticed that after the dog came back on land, the tail was wagging and the dog seemed ready to do it all over again!


We’ve heard the breed described as fanatical about working, a dog so intelligent, independent, and discerning that some mistake its cleverness for stubbornness. With respect to other sporting breeds, some might say this expression sums it up the best: “You train a Golden, distract a Labrador, but negotiate with a Chesapeake.”

True, Chessie owners?

Image: Chesapeake Bay Retriever by DJ Rogers – k9artgallery

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