The Oreo Cookie Center Too Pretty To Eat

When Jackie Chan commissions you to create a portrait, well, that’s pretty darn cool, especially when 64,000 chopsticks are the medium.

When your talents are noticed by The Huffington Post and the Wall Street Journal, anyone else would say that you’ve made it.

As far as we’re concerned, however, when Atlas Obscura (a favorite site that keeps us from getting anything done) writes about you, you really have arrived.

Malaysian born artist, “Red” Hong Yi, has been on our radar for a while, but when we saw one of the results of her personal challenge to make plated pieces of art entirely from food for 31 straight days, we knew we had something we could share here.  Using melted Oreo cream, Hong Yi created four dog breeds while overcoming the challenges of living in tropical weather, namely, creating sticky cookie crumbs that would easily attached themselves to the filling.

While some of Hong Yi’s work looks “easy” (a talent, we’ve found, that all super good artists have), don’t underestimate the work that does into some of her pieces. Check out the behind-the-scenes-video below of her “Teh Tarik Man” made of 20,000 teabags:

To read the Atlas Obscura article and see some of Red’s other work, go here. 

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