The Puli: Both “a Person” and “Impossible to Anthropomorphize” 

Those utterly unfamiliar with a corded coat might be tempted to ask the owner of, say, a Puli, when their dog arrived, and from which solar system, so it’s all the more amusing that science-fiction writer, Harlan Ellison, owned a Puli named “Ahbhu” in the 1960s. He even mentioned the dog in his novelette, “The Deathbird” (winner of the 1974 Hugo Award for Best Novelette and Locus Award for Best Short Story), as well as in his short story. “A Boy and His Dog” (winner of the Nebula Award for Best Novella, and a Hugo Award finalist).  Ellison crafted a more personal tribute in, “Ahbhu: The Passing of One Man’s Inspiration and Best Friend,” a personal essay in which he lovingly recounts the life of Ahbhu whom he stresses was both “a person” and “impossible to anthropomorphize.”

Image by Sally Muir (which we think resembles a Puli at that “unmade bed” stage of coat development)
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