The “Objets d’Art” Dog House, Courtesy of Japanese Terrier

The Hara Design Institute is a design section within the Nippon Design Center. Its specialty is communication design, but in 2015, they shared some breed-specific designs they called “architecture for dogs.” “Pointer” (shown with a Japanese Terrier) is a “house without walls, whose roof just floats, is completely different from traditional doghouses, creating an ambiguous space for the dog.” When a Japanese Terrier is in the house, his head is completely hidden, but you can see his skinny legs through the gaps, prancing along, and it looks exactly like he’s wearing a big pointy hat. For the dog, it’s a house, but for humans, it’s objets d’art.

For those wanting a unique “dog object” of their own, click here. The project involves a large sheet of heavy paper, and a bit of cutting and folding on your part. You won’t need nails or any construction tools, just stationery that anyone can handle.  You know you want this house. Maybe. 

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