The Top Ten Grooming “Joys”

The Top Ten Grooming “joys” according to Amanda

10 Dremeling your own nails when you miss the dog’s nail;

9 Dremeling your own skin when the dog moves their foot;

8 Even after rinsing and draining the tub, you find enough hair in the tub the next day to make you ask: Mine or the dog’s?

7 A male dog with white feet who hits his rear feet when he pees en route to the show ring;

6 Terriers with beards who lick their beards down just as the judge comes up and undoing the brushing you just did;

5 Cowlicks -especially on the judge’s side;

4 Black toenails;

3 Reaching into the grooming bag and finding the slicker brush – pins facing up;

2 The ability of a dog to read your mind when you even think about trimming nails (and vanishing to the corners of the house as soon as you think it);

1 The pain that the hair from a hard coated terrier will cause when it works it’s way under your nail into the nail bed;

Briard by Rachael DiAndrea

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