The Typecast Afghan Hound – For Good Reason!

Few breeds are as “typecast” as the Afghan Hound, and for good reason. They’re elegant, beautiful, and shriek “glamor.” It’s not just an American perception. Check out the commercial below for Although this version omits the English subtitles, all you need to know is that the young man is talking about his two-year relationship with Suzie. Narrated through flashbacks, the ad shows the time they spent together, and while women love his girlfriend, his male friends make fun of him and mock that he needs to get his eyes checked:



Part of the allure is, of course, that hair, and some clients have commercials made that make the most of it.  “Charlie,” the Afghan Hound seen in the Fan Honda ad below, was a show dog who, we hear,  had a pretty good life.


Oh, the burden of being so beautiful!

Image found on Pinterest and happily credited upon receipt of information

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