Those Small Tan Markings?

Pumpkin seeds. It’s the slang term for the small tan markings over the eyes of the Black and Tan Coonhound. On a Doberman, those markings are called “pips.” Show us your pips and pumpkin seeds!

Image: Black and Tan Coonhound by Judith Stein/

2 thoughts on “Those Small Tan Markings?”

  1. in German they are called : “vieräugel Flecke” ( Foureyes Spots ) . And indeed, on a walk with my darling Rottweiler “Boudicca van het Brabantpark” aka “Birca” a little girl passing with her mother, stopt, stared, frowned and asked: “Mommy, why does that doggy have four eyes?” Her markings were clear en bright as were her other tan markings, as you can see on the portrait, “Birca” below.

  2. How wonderful, Elly! Brica’s portrait is quite stunning and we appreciate you sharing it with us!

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