Purebred War Dogs

Both sides of the conflict that was World War I used purebred dogs. The German army had over 30,000 dogs in its force, while France had at least 20,000. Collies carried medical supplies to soldiers on the battlefield, and Newfoundlands, Bloodhounds and Irish Wolfhounds transported injured soldiers. Terriers multi-tasked by delivering cigarettes to soldiers in the trenches, keeping rats out of those trenches, and warming the feet of slumbering soldiers.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the states tomorrow, some families will be missing a loved one at their table, a son or daughter, a parent, cousin or sibling who is serving abroad. Thank you for your sacrifice, and please thank your loved one for their service. We invite you to share their name or initials below, and the branch in which they’re serving.

Image: Oil on canvas painting by David Rowlands commemorating 150 years of the London Irish Rifles (1859 to 2009) with the Irish Wolfhound. “Tara.”

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