Lady Greyhound

Greyhound Bus and it’s famous running dog logo date back to 1930, but it wasn’t until a live mascot was introduced nearly 30 years later that the company came to be regarded as one of the leaders of the transportation industry

“Lady Greyhound,” a purebred Greyhound born in Clay Center, Kansas was introduced to the public on The Steve Allen Show in 1957. Though she was just a 10-pound puppy at the time, she would become the face of the franchise. By 1959, “Lady Greyhound,” who often wore a rhinestone collar and tiara, had traveled across the country more than 50 times, making appearances at charity events along the way. She opened the new Greyhound terminal in Detroit by biting through a ribbon of dog biscuits, she posed for photos with Miss Universe Beauty Pageant contestants, and she was a regular guest on television shows throughout the country. The popularity of Lady Greyhound had waned by the early 1970s, but she left a mark on the company.

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