2 thoughts on “Watch This: You’ll Want the Dog AND Goats”

  1. For anyone who has never been around goats, you would not believe how strong those little buggers are.

    My in-laws had a next door neighbor who bought a goat kid and had it chained in their back yard. (I thought that was cruel, but that is not part of this story.)

    One day when visiting my in-laws, all of a sudden, that little (knee-high) goat kid came running across their back yard, trailing his chain and stake. In an attempt to catch him before he ran out into the road, I grabbed the chain. BIG mistake! He yanked me right off my feet and pulled the chain through my hands. OUCH!!!

    I let go and he took off. They found him a quarter mile from home, with his chain tangled in some brush. … Next time I was at my in-laws , there was no goat next door. When I asked what had happened to it, they said that one day he “just disappeared”. I bet he then re-appeared right on someones dinner table!

    • We’ll take your word about their strength, Charlotte, but how darn cute are these little buggers?

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