Where Pugs,Beagles and Boxers Spit Water

Berczy Park is a small, triangular shaped park in downtown Toronto. Named after William Berczy, an architect and surveyor who worked with the first Governor of Upper Canada,  John Graves Simcoe, the park is probably better known these days for its amazing dog water fountain. Designed by landscape architect, Claude Cormier, the fountain features a bone, a cat, and 27 cast iron dogs, which, as far as we can tell, are mostly purebred dogs: Pugs, German Shepherd Dogs, a Boxer, and a Beagle – all spitting water into the fountain. The cast-iron fountain, modeled after a late-19th-century design, was produced by a foundry in Birmingham, Alabama, the waterworking created with a fountain specialist, Dan Euse.

At its opening in 2017, the city expected the fountain to host 2,000 dog visits a day. At least one – an Old English Sheepdog captured by Christoper Katsarov for THE GLOBE AND MAIL, the source of the photograph here, enjoyed it.

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