Wicked Smart

For the benefit of our “city folk,” we share a video that (truth be told) is still impressive for those of us who live in ranch country and are familiar with stock dogs:

Aside from the obedience, restraint, and word comprehension of these dogs, consider their literal point of view: They are eye-level with the hock joints of really big animals, some of which kick without warning.

Why are Border Collies so freaking smart?

A few years ago, a documentary by Nova Science Now reported on a gene –  CTNND2 – that could be responsible for the Border Collie’s high level of intelligence as compared to some other dog breeds. In humans, it is important for normal cognitive development, and while some sources report that the Border Collie genome showed selective breeding for this gene, other sources aren’t so sure.  For the moment, and until we know otherwise, we figure that Border Collies are simply aliens from a planet with advanced life forms.

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