Your Breed in Triplicate

The only thing more challenging than how to pronounce certain breed names is how to handle the plural form of that name. Most are easy, but some, not so much. Did you know, for example, that both the Borzoi Club of America and the Borzoi Club in the UK prefer “Borzoi” as the plural form for their breed’s name?  This is also true of the Chinese Shar-Pei whose plural for is (wait for it), Chinese Shar-Pei.

Hungarian breeds are usually made plural by adding a “k” to the end of their name: Mudi/Mudik, Puli/Pulik, Vizsla/Vizslak, and Pumi/Pumik. This isn’t a hard rule, however, since Kuvasz/Kuvaszok, Komondor/Komondorok, Magyar Agar/Magár Agarak – names ending in a consonant – require a “link vowel.”  Owners, too, often aren’t sure whether to use the Hungarian plural, or the “Americanized” plural version, which in our own breed would be “Pulis.”

Early in its history, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi was the known as the Cardiganshire Corgi, but in Welsh, the plural of a Cardigan Welsh Corgi is “Corgwn.”

If you you have one of those breeds where the plural form is often gotten wrong, share it below!

Image: “Huntsman With The Borzoi” by Rudolph Frenz available as wall art, home decor and lifestyle items here


3 thoughts on “Your Breed in Triplicate”

  1. Whippets plural are a waggle of Whippets. 😀 Or a pile of Whippets if sleeping.

  2. I believe the plural form of our breed, the Coton de Tuléar, is Cotons de Tuléar. Whatever it is, the result is triple cuteness.

    • Good to know, Marci, and we can’t argue with your logic! Three times IS triple cuteness!

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