You’re Not Old. You’re Cool.

Injury or age was the main reason most folks “back in the day” used a cane, staff, or walking stick, but these days, everyowalking stick,dogsne takes one along on a walk or hike.  Sure, you could get a “practical” stick from the local sporting store, but if you don’t yet need an adjustable, shock-absorbing pole, why not go in style and invest in what will become a collectible in the future? 

The internet is loaded with places from which you can get “dog” walking sticks, but if you prefer to work with an actual person who’ll listen to what you want,  you might want to consider visiting the site of woodworker, Shawn Cipa.  Sean will craft a walking stick for you in the breed or image of your choice out of his preferred wood – sassafras and white birch – (but do check out his “Wood Spirit Walking Sticks”). He created the Borzoi walking stick you see here. It’s top is hand carved out of basswood, and is attached to a natural white birch shaft. The junction is enhanced by sandwiching mahogany and black walnut together.  A work of art.

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