Zen Dogs

Most of us sigh in exasperation when the “perfect” photograph we just took of our dog reveals that the dog closed his eyes at zen dog,book,cavalier king charles,beagleexactly the wrong time – but Alex Cearns doesn’t. His book, “Zen Dogs,” is a collection of eighty photographs of dogs of different breeds experiencing what Cearns sees as “zen moments,” the nanoseconds when a dog’s eyes are shut. It started when Cearns’ camera caught “Suzi,” a Shar-Pei, with eyes closed and an endearing smile on her face. From Beagles and Frenchies to Poodles and Huskies, Cearns has coupled the photos with Buddhist words of wisdom. All in all, the book is a nice option to give as a gift or have for oneself.

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