“A Dog Named Red”

A Dog Named Red (Sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies)

Original version written by Wayne Cavanaugh, and updated by Will Alexander.  

Let me tell you a little story of a dog named Red,
A big ugly bugger, ugly tail an ugly head,
When it came to hunting, was a bumbling fool,
So his owners shipped him off to dog show school.
Well Red had a head like a giant red boulder,
And he marched to and fro like a military soldier,
When it came to fee baiting, he stood for square and stayed,
Bound to be a hit at dog shows today.
Well, the group judge that day was Clem Cadiddle Hopper,
He stepped into the ring and tripped upon a Cocker,
With no judge that day, the sporting group was feared,
Then the ghost of Mrs. Clark suddenly appeared.
I’ll judge your group, bring ’em in and take them round,
The first in the ring were the three dog Setters, all looked the same, none worse and none better,
With a tear trickling down her face, she said
“Before we get to judging, let’s discuss the Setter race.”
It’s called breed type, boys and girls, heads, tails, and attitude,
The Irishman is the fiery one at best, tallest of the three and more firest up then all the rest,
When you think of a head piece, think of McCamon Marquis, those eyes, those ears,
that temperament you really want to see,
The Englishman is the gentleman of the trhee, not so fired up, much more gentlemanly.
When you think of an English Setter think of Rockfalls Colonel,
The size, the shape,the headpiece, and the type that runs eternal,
The Gordon is the only square of the Setters, not as tall as the redhead but he’s a lot heavier,
When you think of the Scotsman use Rockaplentys Hang Em High,
The flat back, the bone, the girth that really fills your eye.
Well that is my story on the three dog Setters,
A breed unto themselves, each breeder thinks their’s is better,
If you still nee some help, here’s a helpful clue,
If you paint them all one colour, you should still know what to do,
Let’s hope they all come back now, ya hear.

Irish Setter by Ron Krajewski


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