An Electrifying Poodle

Movies that have included a Poodle are too numerous to mention, but one flick that is often overlooked is Frankenweenie.  An obvious spoof of Frankenstein, this stop-motion-animated fantasy horror comedy from 2012 tells the story of a boy named “Victor” who brings his Bull Terrier, “Sparky,” back to life after he is hit by a car.

Sparky’s “co-star”and love interest is “Persephone,” a curious and flirtatious black Miniature Poodle with a ginormous top knot. When Persephone and Sparky first meet through a fence in the backyard, the attraction is instant and down right electrifying. See for yourself:

The white streak in Persephone’s hair is a wonderful nod to Elsa Lanchester’s character in Bride of Frankenstein…..


And to Madeline Kahn in Young Frankenstein:


Persephone is the only animal character in the movie to stay alive throughout the entire length of the film. Dare we say, “Poodle power?”

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