Bee Gueule or Free Tonguers. Huh?

We learned early on never to take for granted information that we think everyone must surely know. Not so! Hound folks, for instance, think it’s common knowledge that the name, “Beagle” came from the Middle French, “bee gueule,” literally meaning, “wide throat,” (more vividly translated as, “loudmouth”), or that some Coonhounds (Blueticks, for example), are known as ‘free tonguers’ which means they have a different “bugle,” or call as they progress throughout a hunt.  What’s business as usual for hound folks is fascinating to, say, herding dog or toy owners, and visa versa, so we’ll keep sharing it – but what we’d really appreciate is you sharing with us terms unique to your breed that you may think everyone knows (but doesn’t). 

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2 thoughts on “Bee Gueule or Free Tonguers. Huh?”

  1. The PBGV standard calls for “ voice freely used” and they live up to the standard.

    • We had the pleasure of escorting “Griffon,” Eukanuba’s”House Dog,” and a PBGV a few years ago during the AKC National Championship, he was a doll! Such a good sport, and pretty quiet considering all the dogs around us. That said, we HAVE heard that they can be rather opinionated in their own homes!

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