Does Your Dog “FRAP?”

You’ll be interested to know that there’s a highfalutin name for what’s happening in the video below:

Most of us know these insane bursts of energy typically displayed by frenetic racing from one end of the house to another as “zoomies,” but “Frenetic Random Activity Periods,”  or FRAPS, for short, sounds so much more “high brow.” These marathon runs are also known by other names: “Puppy demons,” “hitting the turbo,” “scatty dogging,” and if you’re a Bull Terrier, “hucklebutting.”

In case you’re wondering what “zoomies” look like from the inside, check out the picture below by Calsidyrose from Spring, Texas:

Predicting a dog’s FRAP period is an inexact science.

Ok, it’s not a science at all, but many dogs will play bow, suddenly leap up, or spin around furiously as pre-Zoomie behavior. Why dogs do this hasn’t been fully explained, but some dogs will get the zoomies after a bath, after having been crated or restrained for a while, or simply to release stress. Broken crockery notwithstanding, most dog owners are amused by their dogs’ zoomies.


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    • The Shiba 500?? Hahaha, that’s priceless, Eddy!

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