Dogs in Stockings

Dogs in stockings was an “unusual” craze that started in China back in 2013. Dog owners posted gag pictures of their pets wearing stockings/hose/tights on the social media site Weibo,  and joked about how “sexy” their canines looked.  The “stockings” we’re talking about now, however, are far removed (very far) from that dubious trend.

In the serious dog world, stockings refer to a contrasting color on the lower legs and feet of a dog. Black, gray and tan colored Beaucerons, for example, may have red stockings, or even “knee highs” (from the AKC breed standard: On the legs the markings extend from the feet to the pasterns, progressively lessening, though never covering more than 1/3 of the leg, rising slightly higher on the inside of the leg), but a Redbone Coonhound shouldn’t have stockings of any color (from the standard: Color: Solid red preferred. Dark muzzle and small amount of white on brisket and feet permissible. Faults – White on feet extending beyond toes. More white on brisket than an open hand will cover. White stockings on legs).

Image “Beauceron Standing” by Miguel Betancourt is available as wall art, stationery, accessories and more here.

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