The Ballerina’s Point of Balance

If you are a dancer, or a person involved in the world of ballet, you’ll know about Pointe Magazine, an international publication aimed toward ballet dancers, students, and professionals. The pages cover all things ballet, from reviews and competition results, to profiles, auditions, a calendar of events, and a “who’s who” in the dance world. Over the summer (2017), one of those “who’s” was Ingrid Silva, a member of the prestigious Dance Theatre of Harlem.

Silva’s roots are humble. She grew up in Rio de Janeiro’s Benfica working class neighborhood where her parents encouraged her to stay busy with soccer, basketball and gymnastics. After a neighbor suggested the eight year old try ballet classes through a community-outreach program, Ingrid found her niche.

In 2007, Ingrid was accepted into the Dance Theatre of Harlem summer intensive, and eventually would join that prestigious company. Now 28 years old, Ingrid continues to tour, but finds balance by spending time with her husband and their French Bulldog, Frida Kahlo (that’s the dog’s name) whom they’ll put in a backpack to go hiking. You can see another picture of Ingrid and Frida (including a video of Frida’s first day home) here. 

Image from the Pointe Magazine article.

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