Friday Fadoodle*

“Kato,” a Giant Schnauzer, shows that when it’s Friday, it’s okay to cut loose and be a Fadoodle
Photo by Jessica Barnes

*Fadoodle: Something foolish, from the 1660s: Douglas Harper’s Etymology Dictionary

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6 thoughts on “Friday Fadoodle*”

  1. I’ve often wondered if dogs really do take on the personality of their owner. Then I said “Good morning” to my Giant Scnauzer, Diezel before he had his coffee. Yep! There I am! Grumpy before coffee.

  2. My giant schnauzer, Casey, doing all she can to ensure that my afternoon will be spent brushing and combing her before she’s allowed back in the house!

    • As Puli owners, Sue, this picture makes us cringe. No brush can dead tiny bits of dead grass out of a corded coat! That said, Casey looks to be doing a thorough job ensuring that it WILL take an afternoon of brushing and combing, lol

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