George VI – Dog Lover

His grandmother was Queen Victoria, and he preferred stamp collecting to the exciting life of an heir to the throne, particularly when even in his wildest dreams, sitting on the throne didn’t factor into his life. He never planned to be King, never believed he would be King, and only when his older brother, David, chose to marry the “woman he loved,” did a different future await “Bertie” the Duke of York.  When the time came, Bertie become George VI, the King of Britain, all the British Dominions, and Emperor of India. He fathered a future queen of England, and would instill in her a love of dogs that would last all her life. It’s no surprise, then, that he would have his picture taken with a Pug wrapped in his coat and a “headscarf.”

Image found on Pinterest and thought to be part of The Royal Collection

2 thoughts on “George VI – Dog Lover”

  1. Thank goodness his older brother abdicated. The story goes that he ordered the destruction of his father’s kennel of Clumber Spaniels, thus setting back the breed for years. The grounds keeper is rumoured to have spirited away some of the breeding stock

    • It’s mind boggling to us, Brenda, that one would do this sort of thing. And beyond sad.

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