Gone to the Dogs

We love discovering speech idioms that are rooted in our dog breeds, and “Gone to the Dogs,” is one such a phrase. The expression is used to complain about the way things are going, whether it’s how one’s favorite sports team is playing or the level of customer service at the local grocer.

Some etymologists believe the saying has its roots in Greyhound racing, and by extension, is a reference to the dangers of gambling. A person described as having  ‘gone to the dogs’ is an irresponsible person who blows the mortgage payment by betting on dog races.

We should mention that some experts disagree and think that the saying refers to a time when dogs were were fed with scraps and leftovers and scraps from the dinners of their owners. A meal was said to have literally ‘gone to the dogs’ in this scenario.

Image: “Greyhound Racing” in watercolor by Zaira Dzhaubaeva is available as fine art, lifestyle and home decor items here.

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