When You Know Dog Anatomy, It Shows

When you know dog anatomy, it shows in both how you evaluate dogs, and how you render them in art. One of our favorite artists, Sally Matthews, wrote: “I was always fascinated by my father’s veterinary and animal anatomy books. Although a knowledge of the bone and muscle structure is invaluable and I measure and draw dead animals in their stillness, it is their movement and life, their spirit that interests me. The way their flesh falls as they lie or their muscle stretches as they turn, or the small movements and noises they make as they feed.” Take a look at her work and see if you can’t see this artist’s eye for anatomy:

See more of Sally Matthews’ work here

2 thoughts on “When You Know Dog Anatomy, It Shows”

  1. As another artist who is inspired by dogs I agree completely. Even when I am doing a caricature or a stylized piece knowing anatomy improves my work.

    BTW, what is the medium of the borzoi sculpture?

    • Great comment and question, Linda. The artist says most of her sculptures have a metal armature, and her materials range from coire fibre, cow muck, and steel, to copper and wood.

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