Love It, Couldn’t Wear It

You know you’ve been quarantined from other people too long when you obsess over a TikTok video of an IG wearing different outfits:

It seems we’re not alone. In the week since it was posted, the video has gotten nearly 650,000 “likes” on Instagram,  23,896 views on You Tube, and 25 million views on TikTok where it was first posted.

It all started with Thomas Shapiro, a Canadian software developer, and his 9-year-old Italian Greyhound, “Tika.” Thomas would post photos of Tika on his personal Instagram account, each one showing her in a different outfit from her eclectic sartorial collection of fur, feathers, sequins, animal prints and bright colors. Thomas, who has admitted he has no fashion experience, always liked working with designers to create outrageous, but comfortable custom-made outfits for Tika, a natural model. Thomas says of her wardrobe: “It’s very important that not only does she look good but feel good too. It’s a mix of fashion and practicality, which is what everyone should strive for.”

When Thomas noticed that strangers on Instagram were finding and liking the pictures he had posted of Tika, he started her own page in 2016. In no time, the page attracted a huge audience and currently has 517k followers.

And then came The Video you just saw.

Posted on Tika’s TikTok account, the short video is of Tika modeling the cute outfits she had planned for 2020 but didn’t get to wear because of the pandemic. The original audio came from @lorenapages who exclaimed, “See this? I love it. Couldn’t wear it.” Among the comments made to that original post was one left by tikatheiggy who wrote, “This audio is the best thing on the internet.”  Others agreed, and the clip went on to inspire others to create their own interpretations, including Thomas Shapiro. His version featuring Tika went viral (it now has had 24.1 million views on TikTok) and has since been reposted on the Instagram stories of celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Sharon Osborne, as well as on the feeds of multiple publications.  In fact, Vergara was inspired to do her own version:

Is it wrong to prefer the dog’s version?

We leave you with one more video, this one of Tika with her owner. Enjoy!

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