Only the Weimaraner Standard Has It

As of February, 2020, the AKC recognizes 193 breeds, and it follows that there are 193 breed standards, but only one of them mentions the word, “trumpet.”

From the Weimaraner breed standard: Head: Moderately long and aristocratic, with moderate stop and slight median line extending back over the forehead. Rather prominent occipital bone and trumpets well set back, beginning at the back of the eye sockets.

Owners of the other 192 breeds would be forgiven for not having a clue what a “trumpet,” is on a Weimaraner, and that’s why we’re telling you that it’s a part of the Weimaraner that’s comparable to the temples on our own head.



It’s the spot behind the eye socket on the outside of the skull, and on this breed, a slight depression on each side of the skull behind the eye socket may be visible.  While we can’t explain the why the word “trumpet’ is used in this context, we can share that trumpets give the Weimaraner’s head a chiseled appearance that makes these dogs so beautifully elegant.

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