The Saturday Sinecure*

There will be plenty of exercise ahead, but for now, some of us are sleeping in.  A few interesting “‘toids” about sleeping dogs:

  • Dogs spend 30% of a day awake but inactive
  • Dogs spend 50% of a day asleep
  • Dogs spend only 10% of their sleep in REM
  • Pups and large breeds can sleep up to 18 hours in a day
  • The more active the dog, the less sleep s/he needs
  • 45% of dogs sleep in their owners’ bed
  • 17% of dogs sleep in their own dog bed
  • 20% of dogs sleep in their crate

*Sincure: A job requiring little work

NPDD is always looking for photos of your purebred dogs looking sleepy, goofy, grumpy or something else. Please send them to Be sure to include their call names, breed and who gets photo credit.

Lightning D Pookie and Lightning D Blurry Vision, both Australian Cattle Dogs by Doenne Brown


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