That One Question

There is always that one question that plagues the owner of most every AKC breed, the question that’s asked so often, that owners would be billionaires if they had a dime for every time they were asked that question. In our own breed (the Puli), we have several: “Can that dog see?” Which end eats?” or “Does the coat do that naturally?”

We’re betting that most Sheltie owners have been asked at least once, “Is that a miniature Collie?”  We feel your pain, and we have a way for you to vent.

The next time you’re asked if your dog is a Miniature Collie, just say no, and whip out this bad boy out of your pocket along with the statement, “Now THIS is a miniature Collie.”

Sheltie friends, you need this. Just saying.

So, share with us your breed, and what that one question is that you always get!

Needle felted Shetland Sheepdog found here

9 thoughts on “That One Question”

  1. A smooth collie, eh? How often do you have to shave ’em? You don’t shave ’em?! Are you sure?

  2. Greyhound owner, I normally get one of two questions:
    1. “Is s/he a rescued racer?”, always asked with a sad face. (My cue to explain that racing greyhounds love to race, in the US they are are treated like celebrities while they’re racing, and in most areas there’s a waiting list to adopt one because the adoption rate is so high.)
    2. “Why is your dog so skinny?”, Uually followed by “You should feed it more, that’s animal abuse.” (My cue to explain that they’re natural athletes, sprinters. I then ask if they’ve ever seen a fat sprint runner at a track meet. The smiles I get in response tell me that now they understand!)

  3. Welsh Springer Spaniel. Most often I get, “Is that a Brittany?” but a close second is, “Does he shed?”

    • And then when you tell them, Karen, do they argue with you, like you don’t know what your own dog is?

  4. Not a question but a exclamation that we always hear: “Wow, that’s a big Scottie!” Our reply: “Uh, sorry, but no. She’s a giant schnauzer.”

  5. Is your dog (Finnish Spitz) a Shiba Inu? Some of us have a photo of a Finnish Spitz and a Shiba standing next to each other. The difference is striking. Second comment we get, “Your dog looks like a fox.” Yes, it’s clearly written in our Standard:…”presents a Fox-like image…”

    • It’s amazing, isn’t it, Sue? The two breeds look nothing like each other –

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