The 800 Pound Great Dane

A statue named “Champ” brings new meaning to the name, Great Dane.  

Falling under the category of things you don’t see every day, the 24 foot tall, 800 pound Great Dane was built in 1953 for a trailer dealership in Orlando where it was situated on the Orange Blossom Trail. In 1960, it was moved to Savannah, Georgia where it stood before the main entrance to Great Dane Manufacturing, the “transportation solutions leader.”  Refurbished by Savannah Shipyard in 2002, Champ was moved to Brazil, Indiana, and then restored once again 2018 by replacing Champ’s papier mache construction with fiberglass.

If you’re ever inclined to recreate a personal version of the movie, “Michael” in which John Travolta and company visit tourist sites en route to Chicago,  you’ll want to include Brazil, Indiana on your itinerary.

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